Dentist Grade, High Concentration, Low Sensitivity In-Chair Teeth Whitening

✅ Performed by Dentists
✅ Dentist strength
✅ Private formula, not available in other clinics
✅ Specifically designed with low sensitivity
✅ Weekend appointments
✅ Single visit, instant results in 1 hour

Teeth Sensitivity

✅ Unique formula designed with low sensitivity
✅ Can be used on sensitive teeth
✅ Most patients have no sensitivity

How Does It Work?

✅ A truly “Dentist-Only” formula
✅ Gum/Lip/Cheek protection
✅ No “artificial/fake” white colour
✅ No damage to your teeth
✅ Instant results in 1 hour

Shop 2 – 44 Ross St, Toorak – 3142

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